Delightful Dog Professional Play Care

  • Delightful Dog Professional Playcare is a safe, secure, fun, eco-friendly facility specializing in structured activities, staffed with professionals trained in canine body language.
  • We welcome you, your family & your dog to tour our 24,000+ sq. ft facility to see what we offer!
  • We are a force free business & abstain from the use of aversive equipment such as choke chains, pinch/prong or shock collars.
  • We would be glad to loan you a harness or flat collar while you tour our facility.

Why Delightful Dog?

  • At Delightful Dog, we use science based training, exercises & positive interaction as a proven method of benefiting animals. This is our main focus & philosophy!
  • Our one of a kind nursery focuses on the developmental stages of puppies using positive training & socialization techniques.
  • Our Playcare program, with an all certified staff, will breakdown your dog's visit into play, rest & training sessions with interactive games throughout the day.
  • We will offer ongoing & advanced staff training throughout their employment. Our staff members will continue to learn new techniques as they become available.
  • Our eco-friendly facility uses specialty air purifiers, rubber flooring & "green" disinfectants/cleaning solutions to protect our human & doggy clients.